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Resource Spotlight: Reinforcement Surveys

reinforcement surveys

Resource Spotlight: Reinforcement Surveys

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Behavior, Classroom Management, Special Education, Teacher Blog | 0 comments

Reinforcement is our power. It’s really what makes or breaks a classroom. That’s why it’s so that we know what is reinforcing to kids when we design our classroom management programs. Reinforcement surveys help teachers to determine what kids are willing to work for and what to use for reinforcement systems. Ideally, it assists you in determining what really works for both you and the students in relation to how you want your classroom to function.

Tips for Using the Reinforcement Surveys

Students at different ages access these surveys in different ways, which is why I’ve created three separate surveys for Lower, Middle, and Upper Grades.

Lower Grades Reinforcement Survey

With younger kids, you’ll want to walk the students through the process and help them understand the questions and answers. Most kids enjoy writing and talking about themselves at this age, so you might even be able to make it a fun experience in which the kids can share their favorite answers with the classroom or a partner.

Get the Lower Grades Reinforcement Survey HERE.

Middle Grades Reinforcement Survey

In the middle school grades, you’ll still want to keep a close eye on students and manage any questions they might have, but they’ll be able to complete this activity with little direction. When you receive the completed copies, you may want to touch base with any students that you need additional information from. Once you get them talking, it’s unlikely they’ll want to stop.

Get the Middle Grades Reinforcement Survey HERE.

Upper Grades Reinforcement Survey

High schoolers should be able to work through the reinforcement survey quickly and by themselves. This is a great resource to get them thinking about their goals and what really matters to them. Not to mention, you’ll get insight into how you can better manage the classroom environment as well!

Get the Upper Grades Reinforcement Survey HERE.

Reassess Reinforcement Frequently

Reinforcement surveys should be done often as children’s needs and desires change and don’t be afraid to take what the students say and really use it in your programs. Reinforcement is our power and is what helps us to design a strong classroom management system and have the classroom we always dreamed of.

Additional Resources for Success

Whether you are a new or seasoned teacher, there’s a lot to process when it comes to ongoing classroom management. That’s why I’ve put together a Classroom Management Toolkit and it’s FREE for your use. Grab yours HERE.

Also – have you considered joining our Facebook group? Each week I provide actionable strategies and resources to help you become the superhero teacher you are meant to be!

Written by Brandie Rosen

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