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7 Tips for Re-Teaching Classroom Procedures Mid-Year

7 Tips for Re-Teaching Classroom Procedures Mid-Year

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Behavior, Classroom Management, Teacher Blog | 0 comments

As the school year progresses, it’s easy to forget the classroom procedures we set up in September, or for them to become routine and mundane. However, it’s important to continue practicing these management techniques to ensure that students are following them correctly and consistently. Here are some fun and engaging ways to re-teach classroom procedures in the middle of the school year:

1. Play a Game:

Turn practicing procedures into a game by creating a “procedures challenge” for your students. Divide your class into teams and create a list of procedures that students must follow correctly. For example, one task could be to line up quietly and in a straight line. The first team to complete all the tasks correctly wins.

2. Make a Video:

Have students create a video demonstrating the proper procedure. Divide students into small groups and assign each group a procedure to demonstrate. The groups can create a script, act out the procedure, and record it on a device. Then, show the videos to the class and discuss the correct way to follow each procedure.

3. Have a Scavenger Hunt:

Create a scavenger hunt that requires students to follow specific procedures. For example, hide a note instructing students to clean up their area or turn in their homework. When they find the note, they must follow the procedure correctly to earn a prize.

4. Do a Role Play:

Choose a few students to act out common classroom scenarios that require following a specific procedure. For example, one student could pretend to be tardy and the other could be the teacher who requires them to sign in at the office before coming to class. After the role-play, discuss what the correct procedure should be.

5. Use Music and Movement:

Create a song or a chant that includes the different procedures in your classroom. Have your students sing or chant the lyrics while performing the corresponding procedure. This will help students remember the procedures and make them more fun.

6. Create a Procedure Rap:

Write a rap that includes all the procedures in your classroom. Practice singing it with your students, and encourage them to create their own verses that include specific procedures. Not sure where to start? Check out this video by Dr. Jean!

7. Host a Procedures Party:

Celebrate your students’ success in following procedures by hosting a party. Invite students to bring in their favorite snacks and drinks, and play games that require following classroom procedures.

 Practicing classroom procedures doesn’t have to be boring or tedious.

By using fun and engaging methods, you can keep your students interested and motivated to follow the procedures correctly. Try some of these ideas and re-teach classroom procedures to your students, and then let me know how it went! I’d love to hear what is working for you. 

Written by Brandie Rosen

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